About TFP

Life can be overwhelming ...shopping shouldn't be! 

TFP is full of empowering goodness with a hefty side of snarky silliness. 
If we can't laugh at ourselves, well, then everyone else is having all the fun! 
Our style of snark is a brand that stays upbeat, sassy and light - never crossing into meanness or attacks
...the world has enough of that already. 

 At The Feisty Phoenix we support businesses and creators from around the world and are
committed to bringing you only the very best quality in our unique items. As we curate our collections,
we keep the TFP way of life in mind and focus on all things spunky, sassy and supportive so that
you can flaunt your feisty style in a way that only you can! 
One of our goals is to bring you smiles every day. 
Whether you are part of the TFP Posse (what are you waiting for?!) or just browsing the site,
we hope that you are smiling a bit wider and ready to celebrate life in your own way.    

Be True, Be YOU - Everyone Else is Taken 

TFP encourages people to be empowered, live in gratitude
...and do it all with a bit of a fun, snarky attitude

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